Is there an index.json?

Let’s say, theoretically, I wanted to update a Sponge server on a headless. Is there an un-changing text page I can parse to get the latest version using CMD or PowerShell?

e.g. for stable 1.10.2 builds

full docs are here Sponge Downloads · Apiary

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Is there a tag for latest, or will it always be first?

should always be first, otherwise check the docs I linked

Would it be okay to do the same with the mods/plugins from Ore (if possible?)
I’ve noticed the Continue button on the Notice page for un-reviewed mods/plugins isn’t an href while trying to dissect its source.

Ore has an API available as well. Check the Sponge docs: Ore Web API — Sponge 7.2.0 documentation

I’m assuming setting API to true on the notice page shows the same. Not sure what this chunk of text means.

Please POST to the attached link to acknowledge this disclaimer and continue to the download."],“post”:“Download Warning for Nucleus 1.1.6-LTS-S6.0 by Nucleus”}

Just noticed the Glossary page of the docs say Ore isn’t ready yet.

you have to send a post request to the url the api gives you to start the download, see Rework how downloads are handled by windy1 · Pull Request #227 · SpongePowered/Ore · GitHub