Is there any plugin for making an item trade shop? Resolved

I am currently trying to make an item shop for my server so you can trade items to get an item.
For example, I am trying to make it so if you have 5 stacks of redstone, it will detect that you have 5 stacks of redstone, take it from your inventory, and then give you the item.
I have tried figuring out /scoreboard commands and /testfor commands but I just have no idea what I am doing anymore. Does anyone know a plugin like that where you can trade items like I gave in the example above? Thanks!

Edit: Nevermind. Carrot Shop is a blessing and I figured out a way to do it with carrot shop!

I also realize I think I posted this to the wrong subtopic and Plugin Development doesn’t fit for this topic so I apologize for that.

I’ve moved it for you.

Ah thank you very much.