Is there any way to open a player's chat

I send the player a message with clickable text, and I would like their chat window to open, so they can click on the message without having to hit “t” or “/” on their keyboard.

Or is there a way to free a player’s mouse for clicking?

Sorry, mate. That’s entirely client-based. Nothing on the server can automatically cause the player’s text-box to open.


He could always make a mod that does so. Since the server is running Forge.

The client would still require a mod. And the server could do it with a plugin only if you send “plugin message” packages (to the client mod ofc).


You should also think about the user experience, unless this could only happen in certain controlled situations. Even if you could pop the chat up is it a good idea? What if they are in the middle of running away from or fighting a creeper?