Is this any good for the price range?

First off, I need a laptop, and I can’t go over $300. Second I will never use a chromebook.

HP Stream 13
and here is a sd card for it
Sony 128GB
Here are the specs for those interested

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What about Dell Inspiron 14 3000? Should be in your Range. I’d go with HP or Dell, maybe Lenovo.
No Sony, Asus, Msi or even Acer for me :wink:

Dell Inspiron 14 3000

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No Lenovo! I work on them all day at my job. They are cheap and built to break.

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Maybe because some Lenovos are like Acers (dirt cheap and sucky) and some are quite good. Depends which model you choose. Some Thinkpads are even better than expected :stuck_out_tongue:

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I like the Dell, but I’m going to wait for a little while to see what other stuff comes up that might be better.

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This is just my experience but I haven’t found one worth buying for quite some time. Few years ago Lenovo made some pretty decent machines. But seems like the newer they are the cheaper they are. I would recommend an HP Probook or Elitebook.

I’ve had an HP before, it heated too much. The motherboard died after nearly five years of intensive use (being on about 18 hours/day). Despite that, it was a good machine. Now I have an Asus, and it’s a wonderful machine, but as we say in portuguese, “it cost the eyes of my face”.

About that PC you posted, I believe you know what you’re doing. If you don’t need a better PC, that one looks just fine. I don’t have in mind a cheaper and as good machine atm.

My honest opinion, is that the 2G of ram is what’s going to hold you back the most with this thing.
If you’re not going to run a lightweight linux distro, I wouldn’t settle for less than 4.

Laptop manufacturers I trust: ASUS, Dell. I have a Lenovo Y50 but after hearing what they did recently with shipping their PCs with adware and badly damaging SSL on them, I am not such a fan anymore.

That HP stream seems okay, provided you are looking to just do things like MS office and use the interwebs. I am a little skeptical of the Celeron, but for what this laptop is altogether, it seems like a pretty good deal.

SD card? If you can find a not Sony card, you will probably be well off. I don’t trust Sony with much anymore.

Lenovo’s are some of the best pre-built computers. You are probably using some very cheap or very old Lenovo’s if you’re having any issues.

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I don’t use them. My company does. 1 out every 20 is dead out of the box. I fix them on a daily basis. Trust me when I say they are built by the lowest bidder out of China.

Dead as in…?

A DOA system could mean hundreds of things. Could be problems with transit. Temperature changes, how they are handled, could be manufacturing issues or something else. The issues could possibly be from the company the systems were purchased from, maybe find a new supplier.

Also, being “dead” could be a whole range of things, could be broken hardware, software/firmware issues or something along those lines.

Dead being motherboard failures. Our Systems are purchased directly from Lenovo. Argue all you want I stand by my statement. We have near zero problems with our HP systems.

I’m not arguing, just asking questions. It doesn’t matter anyways. If you want a good Lenovo, it’s way out of this guy’s price range.

Well what do you plan on using this for? if you’re looking for gaming then $300 probably wont be enough unless you’re building your own system, maybe without a full operating system and none of the bells and whistles. I built a pretty solid $400 desktop using an AMD A10-5800k, still runs great… well, when it’s not overheating. I haven’t used it in a while, so I haven’t bothered getting a better heatsink for it.

It’s not that I don’t want to play games, it’s just that I can’t pay a dime over $300 and I need to have a laptop. if anyone has any suggestions on a laptop with at least 4GB of ram that’s under $300 I’d be happy.

Get a 260$ one and upgrade yourself to 4gb if possible… Might be the cheapest solution.

Why get the 260 one? there’s no difference between the other ones and that besides extra “Features”

That ASUS down in the product comparison chart for $258 is a much better deal for you, if you’re able to take care of it. Bigger screen, and twice the ram. It’s got a 500GB hdd you can pull out and replace with a 32GB SSD for another $30. For another $10-20 you can then put that 500GB drive you pulled, into a USB3 enclosure for extra storage space.

Depending on whether or not you would be willing to check out Groupon, you could find some decent refurbished computers that would come out to just around $300 (w/ tax). For example, this Toshiba has some decent specs, or if the brand doesn’t suit you, you can go with this HP, or if you dislike the 250GB HHD, perhaps a Dell can seal the deal?