It Broke! [API 3.0]

It Broke! is a little plugin to attempt to add some realism into breaking objects.

In the config you define a numeric value for each item you’re interested in. So for example dirt gets 2 and glass gets 0.5. Then, when a player hits dirt with glass in his hand the dirt won’t break. On top of this you can decide whether the glass the player is holding should break instead, or even the whole stack!

The plugin will generate a default config with comments that should explain what each setting does, but here’s a fuller explanation:

options.break-held-items.enabled: This determines whether the player’s item should break if it’s weaker than the block being hit. If set to false the item won’t break, but nor will the hit block.

options.break-held-items.full-stack: This determines whether the whole stack should be destroyed if it’s weaker, or just one item. Ignored if the previous setting is false.

options.default-values.empty-hand: You can also assign a value to when the player isn’t holding anything, in order to require additional items to destroy tougher blocks.

The default values in the config are taken directly from the game, and if the item being hit or in the hand has been added tp the config that value will be used. However, it’s also possible to assign a default value for items that aren’t in the config, and these items are divided into four: Only blocks have default values, so if the player is holding a pickaxe, for example, this will use any value set here. As above but with the item being hit (long grass, for example). This is for blocks which have a Minecraft value but have been removed from the config (sand, dirt, etc.) that the player is holding. As above but for blocks being hit.

There is one command, reload-it-broke, or rib, which reloads the config. It needs the permission itbroke.reload

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This just sounds evil o.0 I must try this lol xD

Very creative! :grinning:

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