Item showcase

is there any plugin that i can place a floating item on a block that will just be there as a preview

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What do you mean “preview” like a hologram type thing and not a real block?

I think he means preview as in not being able to be interacted with.

Its actually very simple to make. So if you want I can make it

I mean that it will look like someone throw an item on the floor and no one can pick it up or interact with it

If its really easy and you can make something like that it can be great
It need to be very basic
/Showcase create (right click with block in hand on a certain spot)
/Showcase remove (right click on a floating item in a certain spot)

Needs to look like this

If i have some time tomorrow ill make it.

To make it even simpler on my behalf can it be the block you are looking at when the command is done? Instead of clicking a block after the command?

Yeah thats good

Here you go, sorry for a late reply, been busy.

The permissions:

  • showcase.cmd.create
  • showcase cmd.remove

The command usages:

/showcase create [has gravity] [x] [y] [z]

Creates the item that you are holding into a showcase

/showcase remove

removes the showcase you are looking at

thank you so much! i will test it in a bit

there is a small problem with the remove it removes a few items and not only the one im looking at

Ok, when I get some time again, ill fix it

hey any update?

Sorry i havent had time to turn on my computer for a while.

one more thing when u do have time can u somehow make it that clear lag cant delete the item?

Ill look into it

Updated link

As for ClearLag plugin, I can not see an event fire when it removes items (I never checked in the clearlag plugin itself). You maybe able to ask the ClearLag developer to make a change that stops the removal of Items that have the key of Keys.INFINITE_DESPAWN_DELAY as any entity with that key are typically not wanted to be removed

Thx! i will speak to the clearlag developer