ItemBank - Virtual chest with configurable limits

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This plugin allows players to withdraw/deposit blocks and items into a virtual bank. The config allows for server owners to disallow certain blocks and items. Vault is supported for transaction fees when players deposit/withdraw items. There is also an option for a message to pop up in your console when a new update is available (this can be disabled in the config).

Bug Reporting

  • Please check the Wiki to make sure you’re using the plugin properly.
  • Please check the Issues page to see if someone else is experiencing the same issues.
  • If the above does not fix your problem, please create a issue if you’re experiencing a bug.

Planned Features

  • None


Source Code


Before you ask me to update to a specific build, here are some things to consider:

  • I will do my best to keep up with Sponge Beta builds.
  • I will NOT update with Sponge development builds.
  • Test the plugin to see if the latest version works with your server.


Do NOT message me unless I ask you to.

I do have a Twitter Account should something happen.

Otherwise, you can submit an issue with the proper information and I might able to help you out.

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I wasn’t aware that Vault was a part of the Sponge ecosystem. There is an Economy API in SpongeAPI, is that what you meant?

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You should reformat the links in your post with valid markdown.

You ninja monster

Oops, sorry about that. Was doing copy/pasting and forgot to change it before saving >.<

Edit: Just looked at the plugin’s page and it’s formatted correctly. To bad it didn’t auto edit the forum post.

What version of SpongeAPI is this built against? I looked at your source, but at first glance I couldn’t see if your build dependencies were set up correctly.

I’m pretty sure it’s 4.1.0. it’s a transitive dependency si you don’t see it where you would normally look.

Yep, thanks Katrix.

Crashes my server at bootup for the latest sf and pixelmon beta.
Will post error log, unless it’s not made for API5.