ItemChat - Allows you to display your item in chat


Does it not already work?


I won’t be asking if it did :nerd_face:

UltimateChat displays nothing and SimpleChat shows item name without hover effect.


That’s definitely something those plugins would have to fix. I’m just modifying the message that’s already there, they seem to be fully replacing it.


Does this work as a developer lib?


No. I’m not sure what functionality it would provide if it did.


UltimeChat got an update introducing @hand. That’s a way to fix the problem ^^"

Edit : Asked support for simpleChat


Error on startup on 1.12.2 api7 - sponge 2811


This plugin is designed for API 6, and as such any functionality whatsoever on other major versions is entirely coincidental.


ItemChat v1.2.1 has been confirmed working on API 7 as well. @SnowBlitzz If the error persists with latest SF, then it’s definitely a bug in Sponge.


Looks like this error is still there. However, plugin is working as it should.

Using :


See above re: coincidental. All this means is that players won’t have the default permissions.


A new version has been released for ItemChat, it is available for download here.

  • Updated to API 7.


I knew that you couldn’t bear a red line coming from your plugin :smiley:

Thanks for this quick update !


A new version has been released for ItemChat, it is available for download here.

  • Added the ability to use {item} in commands.
  • Added expanders, so {item} will be useful in commands.


Hi!I’m from China,and I’m so intersted in your plugin that I must say “What a great plugin it is!”.But do you allow me to put this plugin to the Chinese Biggest Minecraft froum MCBBS?If you allow me to do that,I’ll mention your name in a clear place and put this plugin’s download website on that( you don’t allow,I’ll be sorry to take your time.


Yes, you may post this plugin on MCBBS as long as the only download links point to Ore and you give me all credit.


Hi!I want to submit a plugin’s bug to you.That is when I want to show others a thing in some mod,it won’t show the name of thing.Instead,it shows the id of the thing.
For example,I want to show others the rubber in IC2,but actually it shows “”
In addition,I hope the plugin can show others the number of items.
Thanks for u so great Plugin!


That’s not the item ID, that’s the translation ID. That means there is a translation file issue. Does this happen with vanilla items? If not, it’s the mod’s/client’s fault; if so, it’s a Sponge bug.
As for item count, good idea.


For your words,I tried delete the translation file.But the situation is still here.
The good news is it only happens in few mods,so I can continue to use this great plugin.
Thanks for your reply.


You… deleted the translation files?
The translation files are what give you the names. Only if the translation is missing will it give you the translation ID instead of the actual name. If you delete it, it is guaranteed to be missing.
I would recommend first that you restore them, and then check the log for exceptions in loading translations.