Itemframes remove after restart

Hello everybody. Who can help me? I have a shop in which there is a lot of itemframes with selling items. After each restart of server, all itemframes are removed. How to fix it? Itemframes in shop must be always.

What plugins do you have installed? Some users reported the same for armorstands(from holograms plugin).

Plugins (24): Minecraft, Minecraft Coder Pack, Forge Mod Loader, Minecraft Forge, SpongeAPI, SpongeForge, AdminShop, Biomes O’ Plenty, CustomNPCs, EconomyLite, GriefPrevention, Inspector, Iron Chest, JobsLite, LLibrary, JurassiCraft, LuckPerms, Mantle, Nucleus, OpenFM, PixelAutoMessages, SignEditor, Tinkers’ Construct, WorldEdit

Not bad to have plugin version :wink:

All plugins and mods on last versions.
Yesterday I deleted Biomes and Inspector.
I think, itemframes are removed because their are a lot at one chunk. Some optimization of a sponge deletes them. But I don’t know how disable it.