ItemGiver - Simple give command with the addition of cooldowns, larger quantities, and alerting others


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This plugin is no longer supported

General Information

Plugin is created to limit players in their ability to give items while also tracking them an alerting other staff members of their behavior. You can set cool downs on the give command, alert people with a certain permission when another uses the command, limit players on how many items they may give at once, and record all give commands with information on how many items were given, when they were given, and to whom they were given. Also has the added benefit of being able to give player’s items in quantities more than 64


  • /ig help
  • /ig reload
  • /ig give <player> <item> <quantity>
  • /ig clear [<player>]
  • /ig clear

Permission Nodes

Command Permissions

  • itemgiver.command.base
  • itemgiver.command.give
  • itemgiver.command.clearhistory
  • itemgiver.command.reload

Other Permissions

  • itemgiver.receivealert
  • itemgiver.bypass.cooldown
  • itemgiver.bypass.recording
  • itemgiver.bypass.limit