ItemQuery - Lookup items, easy!

#ItemQuery - a Sponge plugin
What is ItemQuery?
ItemQuery is a Sponge plugin that gives information about a given item.

  • Text/GUI toggle

  • Fully customizable

  • Show only the features YOU want

  • Item query blacklist

  • Search any allowed item!
    /itemquery - Main command for item query (displays help page)
    /itemq - Alias for /itemquery
    /iq - See above
    /itemquery toggle - toggle between text-based query and GUI info
    /itemquery hand - queries the held item
    /itemquery (item name|item id) - queries the specified item
    What’s the difference - GUI/Text mode?
    In Text mode, your query will look like this:

    /itemquery stone
    ========================== ItemQuery - Stone (id: 1) =============================
    Can be mined with: Pickaxe
    Blast resistance: 30
    Hardness: 1.5
    Is transparent: no
    Is stackable: yes (64)
    1 cobblestone > (furnace) > 1 stone
    In GUI mode, these will be accessible by hovering over an item in a chest (configurable). Crafting will open a crafting table/furnace/brewing stand by clicking on an item.
    Example config file

    #ItemQuery by sam4215
    #Blacklists items from the lookup.

    • ‘AIR’
    • ‘BARRIER’
      #What item shall be the “crafting” icon in GUI mode?
      gui-crafting: ‘WORKBENCH’
      #What item shall be the “blast resistance” icon in GUI mode?
      gui-blast: ‘TNT’
      #What item shall be the “hardness” icon in GUI mode?
      gui-hard: ‘IRON’
      #What item shall be the “transparency” icon in GUI mode?
      gui-clear: ‘GLASS’
      #What item shall be the “stackable” icon in GUI mode?
      gui-stack: ‘REDSTONE’

    gui.mode - Allows player to toggle GUI/text mode. default: true
    gui.use - Allows players to lookup items. default: true
    gui.seehidden - Allows players to lookup items on the blacklist. default: false
    Right here!

As always, enjoy!


Seems like a good idea. Really helpful in a survival server especially for new players.

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Suggestion 1: add possibility to add custom blocks
Suggestion 2: mention the exact needed tool to mine (thinking wood pickaxe not mining diamonds)

I like this plugin. Will try out soon :slight_smile:

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This will be great for a granite or vanilla server, but for forge we already have WAILA (what am I looking at). You could always look at how it works and probably get some feature inspiration from it :smiley:

@tzk adding the custom blocks is probably unnecessary because of waila. If your adding blocks then the clients have to install mods anyhow, so might as well be throwing waila on the client while your at it.

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I didn’t know Waila. Just had a look at it and of course you’re right.

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Cool. Does this get the data dynamically or is it hard-coded. Dynamic could be useful for custom plugins.

I’m going to attempt to store it dynamically. @tzk I’d add a custom-blocks.yml file that would allow you to do such a thing.

        blast-resist: 25
        hardness: 1
        transparent: false
            top_centre: 'WOOD_PLANKS'
            middle_centre: 'REDSTONE'

Why use not use Hocon instead of YAML?

i don’t need this functionality but i thought it would be a nice addition :wink:

Why is yml suddenly bad?

HOCON is poorly documented, and most users aren’t familiar with it.

configurate library exists.
pretty much makes the usage similar across the two formats; just have a HoconConfigurationLoader or a YAMLConfigurationLoader and load the file in

common argument here in comparison to hocon is that hocon’s probably more human-readable and easier to work with, while placing a tab into a YAML file sets the world on fire


This plugin would honestly be so helpful? Seeing that crafting heading makes me real happy because I search for the simplest craft recipes, and that’s just me being a scrub.

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Custom item support should just work with sponge anyway. all the blast-resistance stuff should be exposed as block properties.