Just looking for a 'yes' or 'no' answer here. :P

I searched all over the Sponge Docs and I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. I want to make a plugin that will play a sound file in an infinite loop to a player based on where they are on the map.

I want it to be toggle-able as well, so if they toggle it off, the plugin won’t be checking for their area to play sounds to them.

In theory, it sounds possible because of how you don’t hear lava bubbling until you get close enough to it.

I also figure I would have to make a custom resource pack to store the sound files in, then have the plugin probably implement the GriefPrevention API to mark off areas with GriefPrevention then assign a sound file to play to that GriefPrevention area, also in an infinite loop so it auto repeats.

For those who would understand, basically what I’m wanting to do is assign Viridian City’s music to our Viridian City area, so while the player is in Viridian City, they hear the music, but as soon as they leave the city, the music changes to whatever music file is assigned to the area they are now in.

So, is all this possible?


I can’t give you a simple yes because the forums don’t let me. But yes.

yes </hahaYesDiscourseThatAre15Characters>

Sweet, thanks! I’ll get to investigating such things in a bit.


There is a similar implementation of this on various servers, probably most known on Wynncraft for using Blocknotes to play songs in particular areas based on range.