Kotlin Rekrafted - Supplies kotlin runtime, reflections, and sponge-api extensions

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Kotlin Rekrafted

Note: This is an actively developed repository please use the most recent stable version
This library provides the most recent: 1.3.70 version of kotlin-stblib, kotlin-reflection, and Kotlin specific extensions for the sponge-api version 7.1.0.


Licensed under the MIT License

Depending on Kotlin-Rekrafted

Follow the instructions below to depend on kotlin.

Implementing as a Maven Dependency from JitPack


Depending on Kotlin-Rekrafted - Plugin

In order to make sure your plugin both requires and loads after Kotlin-Rekrafted, add this to your @Plugin annotation:

@[Plugin(dependencies = arrayOf(Dependency(id = "spotlin", 
                                           optional = false, 
                                           version = "0.1.3")))]
class PluginClass```

You will also need to add this to your mcmod.info file:

    "requiredMods": [
        "[email protected]"

Special thanks to pxlpowered/spotlin for the layout.

A new version has been released for Kotlin Rekrafted, it is available for download here.

Kotlin Rekrafted