Kyros Minigames Network | In Need Of Developers


Hi, I’m Pickleon and with two friends we are creating the, to be known network- ‘Kyros Minigames Network’, a Minecraft version 1.12.2 server. We are currently in the building and development stage, and we’re in real need of developers to support the progress of our server. The WIP server currently has very few developers working for it at this current moment in time. However, many of them are currently held up with real life and other personal situations. We are in desperate need of developers that are available and have the ability to create our imaginative plugin ideas to reality.

Work Needed
Currently, we have many plugins that need development, all of which have been written down in depth with the key features needed, and other relevant information. With the majority of the plugins needed being, minigames due to the server being a minigames network.

We are hoping to have skilled people in the knowledge of sponge development, join our developer team. We are willing to pay accordingly for each plugin. However, if there are some which would work for no pay, that would be highly appreciated.

If you are to join our friendly community as a developer, you will be required to work well with the other fellow developers and share sources on GitLab with them.
If you are to join the team and are paid for the plugin of your development, the rights are passed towards the owners of this network.

You can message all inquiries to the following people on Discord via; Tootin_Scootin#6587, Thescorpionx(ThomasBamber)#6971, and Pickleon#2206.

We hope that you take the time to look at this post and consider joining our ranks. Just to clarify, we are currently looking for skilled developers who work within Sponge, and we are willing to pay accordingly for each plugin.