Laborus - a customizable job plugin


Ah, I am le buffon u.u

I’ll test that in a moment.

And woo for the save issue :slight_smile:

Is there a way to make it so that the job system is enabled by default?


It should be enabled by default but the messages of the command seem to be wrong… i’ll will fix that too in the next version :smiley:

Edit: it’s already fixed on Github


With it changed to this, the job no longer shows up when I type /jobs :confused: It does however with it as pigzombie.


Hm… on my server it is exactly the other way around, which version of Minecraft and sponge do you use and are there any errors in the log?


MC 1.10.2 SpongeForge 2171-5.1.0-1983 MCForge

With it as zombie_pigman I get this:
With it as pigzombie:

17.03 07:07:22 [Server] Server thread/INFO [nucleus]: AsyDRabbit ran the command: /jobs reload
17.03 07:07:22 [Server] Server thread/INFO [laborus]: Started reloading the config!
17.03 07:07:22 [Server] Server thread/INFO [laborus]: Saved the config!
17.03 07:07:22 [Server] Server thread/INFO [laborus]: Finished reloading the config!


Minecraft has apparently changed the entity id of the zombiepigman in the 1.11, so that minecraft:pigzombie is right in the 1.10 and minecraft:zombie_pigman in the 1.11 but other than that the kill actions seem to work exactly the same or do you have there any other problems? :slight_smile:


That I don’t get experience for killing or mining when testing out the config of the job.


Going for a quick shower so will be afk for 10 - 15 min :slight_smile:


Is the job system activated (the messages in the current version (1.3.1) are still wrong) and is the gamemode survival or adventure? Because even with the exact same sponge version and configuration as you use everything still works for me…


Gamemode was creative.
And activated I believe - it says Selected: true when I type /jobs


Just tested in survival.
Still no XP for killing a pigzombie


Then the problem will be the gamemode and if it says Selected: true it just means that the job is selected and it doesn’t says anything about the active state of the jobsystem.

Edit: would you mind using /jobs toggle once and try it again


Still failed in survival, just tested it.

How do I activate the system?

That seems to be the likely issue as nothing is ‘working’ yet it all displays appropriately.


you change the state with /jobs toggle currently if the message “Disabled JobSystem!” comes it was activated.




That all seems right because you have disabled the Jobsystem than spawned a zombie pigman and then killed it with the system deactivated if you now run /jobs toggle again it should be active.


Aaaaah I’m with you now.

When you said about the messages being in error I thought you meant about the job being assigned.
Totally misread that u.u

And I also thought the duration was in seconds, not ticks, as the link in the config has it in seconds u.u
Missed that part of your post.

Thanks for the aid in absolving my idiocy :slight_smile:


Ah, and now it’s on, right-clicking anything - air blocks, door objects and so on - holding a restricted item - in this case a stone pickaxe - says that your level is too low.

Not a huge issue but the cancel event means that if you’re holding it whilst say opening a door, that the door won’t open.

Very low tier bug :slight_smile:

Will browse it properly later on. Have to run away now to engage in real life :frowning:
Thanks again for the aid.


No problem and that’s something i already know about because it was a quick fix for another bug that allowed the usage of items in the offhand slot even if they are blocked. I will hopefully also change that in the next version (


A new version has been released for Laborus, it is available for download here.

  • fixed some typos
  • fixed error messages if a config file can’t be loaded
  • fixed wrong message on toggle of the active state of the jobsystem
  • fixed saving of job data bevor gaining ep (#23)
  • fixed blocking of interact actions if the hand with the blocked item is not used (#24)


Having say coal_ore set to level 5 in coalminer, and level 10 in harderminer and I have the ability to break it in coalminer whilst in the job harderminer, I’ll gain experience in coalminer, whilst the block endlessly respawns.

I also get normal minecraft experience orbs from blocks that cannot be broken.

This allows players to spam for job exp if I’ve tried to limit access in other jobs, or actual experience by breaking blocks that will regenerate.

I’m guessing you’ll need to add a cancel action to the experience drop when blocks are broken, but is there a way to make it so that items / breakable blocks can be restricted until their level has been unlocked in any job, and then have them be added to a whitelist?


Oh yes that’s something i need to fix but i first want to finish my rewrite of some parts of the system so it is easier to change that but i will come to it (see: :slight_smile:

The bug with the ep orbs is actually a bug in SpongeCommon itself ( so i don’t plan to do something about it but instead will wait for Sponge to fix it :wink: