Lag to thaumcraft

use research table lag
please, fix it.

That’s not much info to work with. Can you please provide more details of the problem, including the versions of Thaumcraft, SpongeForge and Forge that you are using, whether you are playing single player or on a server, the java startup flags (if any), and the full mod list. You could even include a timings report.
I’d also recommend looking on GitHub to see if anyone else has reported a similar issue.


(other mods removed)

single player no lag
multiplayer lag

Lags appear when using the research table and focal manipulation.
I lag and have players who are near

Will the problem be fixed?

There have been a number of fixes in recently released builds of Sponge, so try and see if the latest release helps. Have you tested using the Recommended build (1.12.2-2768-7.1.5)? It’s a bit older, but the “release” builds may also contain new bugs.

If that does not help, then I recommend making an issue on the SpongeForge repo at Github. A timings report (or the plugin spark) may still help to isolate exactly what is causing the lag.