LAGG,who can tell me how to solve this problem?please

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Server lagg is high, how to optimize the delay.

Sorry for my poor English…

But…i don’t know how to solve it.


First of all, you are using Sponge 1.8.9 which is old and not supported
It seems like one of the plugins you are using is causing lag. Which plugins are you using?
Might be DigiWorlds but I am not sure

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I must use this sponge version…because the digimobs mod is doesn’t work on the laster sponge version.just work well on 1547…Plugins?..Hmm… ActionBroadcast,Adminshop,Commandsign,CustomsNPCs,digimobs,Essentialcmds,Kits,Key,MMCReboot,pex,Playershop,Pore,pjp,RedProtect,EconomyLite,spongeAPI4.2.0-1547…
DigiWorld? ------digimobs MOD

1.8.9 is NOT supported. Update to 1.10.2+.

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