Land Management Plugin

I want to see a land management plugin that doesn’t require an Economy plugin. I understand that some server owners want persons to be able to freely claim or buy/sell land, but some server owners might now. I think it should be easier to implement than a land management plugin where players are allowed to freely claim or buy/sell land.

I’m hoping to see a mod that allows full admin control over assigning plots of land, and it would be great if the commands for creating plots just involved setting coordinates like the /fill command.

Well, there is plugins such as Polis that allow you to do exactly that.

No, it doesn’t.

  1. I spoke of wanting to see a land management plugin which doesn’t require an Economy plugin. Polis has taxes and the ability to deposit/withdraw money as features; I’m pretty sure that it requires an Economy plugin. I want to see a plugin which doesn’t have all that stuff.

  2. I said that I want to see a plugin that gives full control to server admins, and doesn’t allow players to freely claim or buy/sell land. Polis allows players to claim land.

  3. I said that I want to see a plugin where plots are defined by coordinates, not chunks.

In the future, please read what is being suggested before claiming that it already exists.

Is that how you thank someone who is trying to help you? Wow…


Maybe this

I made a suggestion, and the person basically said the suggestion is irrelevant because there’s already a plugin that meets the criteria I stated.

The plugin didn’t meet any of the criteria that I stated. I really don’t think the person was trying to help me, as it isn’t evident that the person even read my post. They probably just saw “Land Management Plugin” and replied without reading anything I said.

That doesn’t give server owners much control at all. One specific thing I’m looking for is the ability of server owners/admins to assign plots of land, and define those plots by coordinates. PlotSquared doesn’t allow you to define plots; it defines plots for you, and the plots are all perfectly squared.

Have you taken a look at foxguard? [API 6.x/7.x] FoxGuard - The flexible world protection solution
It’s similar to WorldGuard in functionality and allows you to define regions by coordinates as you describe.


Said that it was irrelevant?

Mate, you might go reread what I said. I understand you feel defensive because you have not properly researched your question before starting a thread - but no need to take it on the person who answers incorrectly to your demands. I hope you find your answer in the other’s responses.

And, in the future, you might consider being a proper person.

Now goodday! :smiley:


Thanks! I got in touch with the developer, who was really helpful and nice to talk to. It’s also good to know that this plugin is being updated as time goes by.

I didn’t initially find it in my searches, because I kept looking for: town, towns, land, zones, plot, plots, nation, access and some other words that made references to anti-griefing. The closest thing I found to it was SafeGuard, but I didn’t think of searching for “guard”

I really don’t think they were being hostile.

But anyway, I’ve not used Polis, but generally when a plugin has support for taxes, prices etc, it’s optional support, meaning you in no way need to have prices set.

Also, most plugins use permissions, allowing you to choose what players can and can’t do.

That said, if you are looking for an equivalent of WorldGuard the closest match is probably FoxGuard.

That hasn’t been my experience with trying plugins like Nations, and the original post for Polis explicitly states that it requires an economy plugin:

Actually, when I asked the respective developers of MCTowns (not a Sponge plugin) and Nations (a Sponge plugin) if their plugin allows admin to have complete control, they both said it wasn’t the point of the plugin, and that the point is to do the opposite, i.e. to give more autonomy to the players. The MCTowns dev specifically said “Nope, that is the point of the plugin” and the Nations dev said that what I was looking for “does not correspond to what Nations is” - full admin control isn’t really an option, as far as I understand.

Yeah, FoxGuard seems to be what I was looking for. I didn’t find it before making the post, because it doesn’t have any of the words I searched for when finding and testing other plugins.

So I’m back to square 1. FoxGuard doesn’t work well with 1.8. For a while, I just gave up on the idea of getting a land management or grief protection plugin, but I have some light but frequent traffic on my server now and I actually need one.

I just want there to be a simple plugin that an admin can just define an area (by coordinates) and define which players are allowed to affect it.

Take a look at GriefPrevention

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Eh, it’s not what I’m looking for. I’m looking for a plugin that gives the admins the full responsibility of assigning lots to players, and defining those lots by coordinates.

The commands don’t seem to have any reference to coordinates; I assume it allows players to claim land by chunks. Also, I don’t want players to be able to freely claim land. I want there to be a plugin where the admins have absolute control of land distribution. So I would mark a plot of land and say which players have access to it.

A lot of these plugins are complex; they give a lot of features I don’t want, and miss out the key/core features that I really need.

Everything is backed by permissions. Your players can only do what you let them. Claims are not done by chunks, they are cuboids. You select 2 points using a golden shovel and everything above is claimed. As for under the claim, it will use the distance in blocks that you set in config. There are 4 types of claims : Admin, Basic, Subdivision and Wilderness.

As for what players can do in a claim, admins can use the flag system to allow/deny just about anything.


So I can prevent players from making their own claims, and mark my own claims on their behalf?

Also, does it work with Forge 1.8?

Yes you can, make admin claims and trust them.

and Yes, it’s designed for 1.8.9.

Then it probably doesn’t work with 1.8. That’s the issue I had with FoxGuard and one of the issues I had with Nations.

There is no reason to be using 1.8.0 Forge and SpongeForge has a ton of bugs/issues on those early builds. If you want to run a stable SpongeForge server then you will have to use 1.8.9. You will never run a stable 1.8.0 server with the early builds. Performance was also greatly increased in 1.8.9 SF.

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