Legendary Generator - Pixelmon Generations random legendary plugin

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What this plugin can do:

  • Spawn a random legendary on a specified (or randomly selected) player, with the legendary that is spawned being determined by the biome that the player that the command is executed on is currently in.

  • Set a custom broadcast message (with %player%, %pokemon%, and %biome% placeholders) to go off when the plugin spawns a legendary

  • Give a random legendary to a specified (or randomly selected) player (this does not determine which legendary is given based on player biome, its randomly selected from a list of all legendaries

  • Mimic the default Pixelmon spawn system for legendaries (with a much simpler spawn chance and spawn interval modification system) (I recommend turning Pixelmon’s actual legendary spawn system off if you use this) (you can turn mine off if you would rather take your chances with Pixelmon’s system)

Command: /legendarygenerator
Aliases: /legendgen, /leggen
Permission: legendarygenerator.command.admin


/legendgen spawn <@r|player name> [<spawn mode>]

/legendgen setmsg|setmessage <message>

/legendgen giverand <@r|player name> 

/legendgen settings toggle <true|false>

/legendgen settings spawnchance <double>

/legendgen settings spawnint <integer>

/legendgen settings mode <biome|random>

A new version has been released for Legendary Generator, it is available for download here.

Plugin to spawn a random legendary on the player based on biomes

A new version has been released for Legendary Generator, it is available for download here.

  • Fixed the random legendary giver command

  • Added support of random player (@r) in both the spawn command and give commands

Renamed the commands:

    Permission: legendarygenerator.command.admin

    Aliases: /legendgen, /leggen

    /legendgen spawn <@r|player> [<mode>]
    /legendgen setmsg|setmessage <message>
    /legendgen giverand <@r|player> 

Note: mode is an optional command argument for the spawn command, for setting whether you want the plugin to spawn a legendary based on the player’s biome or just a random legendary in general. Will default to biome if left blank

  • Added a system to mimic Pixelmon’s natural spawn system. Plugin will run code every x minutes with a x percent chance to run the "/legendgen spawn @r " command. Numbers are configurable!

Note: I recommend turning off Pixelmon’s actual default spawner, in the pixelmon.hocon, to avoid double legendary spawns (which is highly unlikely, mind you, but possible)

  • Added the ability to toggle the mimic natural spawner on and off (for those that don’t want to use it)

  • Added the ability to set the spawn mode for the natural spawner (biome or random)

  • Added commands to change the settings for the natural spawner system:

/legendarygenerator settings toggle <true|false>
/legendarygenerator settings spawnchance <double>
/legendarygenerator settings spawnint <integer>
/legendarygenerator settings mode <biome|random>

Notes: the spawn chance works off of a double (like 0.001 for example) so when modifying that value, make sure to keep that in mind. 0.782415, 0.523, really anything with a decimal

The spawnint (spawn interval) is how often the plugin tries to run the spawn a legendary code. It is coded in minutes! 300 minutes = 5 hours. You can do the math from there.