Let's team up!

Hello there fellow developers. I hope you guessed what I’m posting about from the title - I want to make a Sponge dev team! Yes, I know that Sponge is not finished yet and that nobody knows exactly what the API will be like, but I want to make a team of experienced Java and/or former Bukkit developers to learn Sponge and make plugins for it together. I’m not rushing yet, that’s why the recruitment will take quite a while. What will we make? Mostly general-purpose plugins, and very unique ideas. I want a rather large team (at least 4-5 people). We will not have a leader but, instead, will be run by our whole team. Want to become a part of this team? Send me a PM with your Skype, Google Plus account, Twitter or any other messaging service account and we’ll sort it out. Note that you must be experienced with Java (having worked with it for at least a few years).

EDIT: We’ve got enough people in the team, so recruitment is now paused. But you are still welcome to apply, we’re always looking for good developers!


Sorry if this post has any typos or sounds cheesy, I wrote it on my phone.

Interested, but I can’t be sure until I see the API and work with it. I have over 4+ years of Java experience under my belt, and around 2+ years of Bukkit experience.


A person with 1 year of Java experience isn’t generally even close to being experienced…

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I sent you a message.

Not all of us have a Skype and/or willing to create one.

That’s why I wrote ‘at least’. There are in fact good devs with a year of experience, but not many.

They may be ‘good’, but I doubt they’re experienced.

Edited. I didn’t really think of other messaging softwares when I wrote this post.

Hi, interesed , well just started to being part of MC dev community, was trying to start with bukkit when all of this came out .

Nevertheless, work with java / javaEE since 2005; wanting to test the game/community dev and minecraft is an awsome game that love to play.

well looking forward how it keeps going.

pd: english not my default lang, patience plz xD

I feel like this is jumping the gun a bit. spigot has only barely been started xD. we are at like “0.01% done” - zues

“I’m not rushing yet, that’s why the recruitment will take quite a while.”
And by ‘a while’ I mean a while.

there is snapshot build, wait a second…

MEGA here, you have API and Sponge server i think, they are for 1.7.10 and it was yesterday’s build

I sent you a PM including my Github url, I am looking forward to your response!

yes but there is a severe lack of events as well as the fact that the server implementation is nonexistant

I have to chuckle a little bit. Are you really looking for folks that know Java, or you looking for folks that have real life development experience? :smile:

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Lol those edits.

Anyway - I made coffee once does that count?


There’s a difference between experience and knowledge, however. Some people are faster learners than others, and can do more despite only having 6-12 months of “experience.”

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I’m not here to “brag”, but if someone would need “translating” to norwegian, i would love to help.

If anyone would need it, pm me and i could sort it out :smiley: - GN