Library for object mapping

Is there a library in sponge for object mapping/binding. Im looking for something similar to eg.: JAXB but with support for hocon/json.

Well, you can annotate classes as @ConfigSerializable (see javadocs for it, it has a special requirement) but I frankly don’t know if that’s exactly what you’re after, or even how to use it exactly.

Check out Jackson! I’ve used it in the past, Not sure if it will fulfill your needs or not, but there you go!

I know about Jackson library, i just want to make sure theres nothing like this in sponge, its useless to have two libraries for same thing.

ConfigSerializable is not exactly what i need.

The configurate library by zml2008 has a built-in mapping feature:

It’s the config library that is bundled with Sponge.