Link a hub to a SpongeForge server and a 1.15.2 spigot/sponge server?

I was wondering if it were possible to have a main hub for my server, which will host pixelmon, but also the latest minecraft version. For instance, using bungee or something similar, I wanted to have it where any player can join the hub, but you’d need the correct pixelmon version to go through a portal to get to the pixelmon server. Likewise with the 1.15.2 server. Are there any solutions to this, or would the non-pixelmon (vanilla) server have to also be 1.12.2? I’ve been thinking about this and wasn’t sure if it were possible or not, but I know that somehow Hypixel and other servers of that caliber can have two seperate players who are both running different MC versions.

You can’t have one version hub link to different versions I don’t think.

As far as I‘m aware, you can’t connect to 1.12 with 1.15, so players couldn’t join your hub.

Im not sure if its still possible or even if its possible on Bungee. But back in olden days you used to be able to do something called a “Protocol hack” which allowed other versions of minecraft to connect to the server. These hacks back in the day were normally for “patch” versions of minecraft versions such as a 1.8.1 server would allow a 1.8.0 minecraft version to connect.

However I do remember there were some such as a later bukkit 1.7.10 would allow the 1.8 client to connect where the new blocks in 1.8 would be visible in the client but wouldnt be able to be used.

So if you find a bungee protocol hack for a 1.12.2 server that accepts all later versions of minecraft and use that hacked server as your hub, then that would work… Im not aware of any though, so you may need to pay someone to add it to a server

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