Links to everything Sponge

This is primarily for myself, but thought it would be useful to share with others.

With so many links about it’s hard to keep track of everything.

I present, Sponge Links Google Document.

It’s a collection of all links that I found relevant, you can suggest links too and I’ll add them if it’s useful.

I know I’ve just created another link, but it’s all in one place.
I may copy the document into this topic post so to not have another document floating around.


Extremely helpful resource, thanks! I’ll be sure to reply if I come across any helpful links that could be added. As for copying the doc into the forums, I’d leave it be. Google Docs are very organized and can easily be edited.

Maybe this document should be added here:

Can you add the Lapis and Foundation project?

Ps.: Pore is now part Lapis :wink:

<some 15 character limit ehh?>

Thanks for stealing my idea bro. Gotta say yours might be better but please…

Isn’t your idea a forum navigator? @simon816’s collection extends beyond the bounds of the forum.

I agree on you. That’s why I said “Yours is better”.

Both are good in different ways. Yours is better for finding stuff on the forum. I don’t think simon’s intention was to steal your idea.

Some of these links date back to when I first heard of Sponge (pre-forums) I decided only recently to create this document because I was loosing track of all links. Thought someone else may find it useful too so I shared. Ideally when a wiki is set up it will be the central place and there will be no need for this any longer.