Linux is awesome

Linux is awesome, do i need to say anything further? :smile:


It is awesome!


Its actually getting more awesome every day. Love you steam to support linux gaming :smiley:. I don’t think GTA V will get to linux thought (but I keep dreaming)(imaging that they do it, and it runs better on linux :love_letter: )

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Yes,GNU/Linux is awesome!
But it’s missing some applications ,like Garena+ .

And SourceTree :frowning:. I saw some windows guy using it, and it looks genuinely awesome. SmartGit also gets the job done, but yeah… . But if it comes to games. Kerbal space program runs better on linux than windows xD. (on windows it crashes if the game wants to consume more than 3Gib ram.)

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@thomas15v Yeah, but command-line Git also works for me, to be honest. I’ve used SourceTree for quite some time while I was using Windows, and I have to admin, it IS awesome.

I wonder if that game has a 64 bit build for Linux, like some other games do, where the windows version of that other game is only in 32 bit. This is another one of the pros for Linux, with better 64 bit support for apps than what windows has, most of what runs on windows is still in 32 bit.

Thats is the case here. That game is written on the unity engine. It seems the unity engine (64 bit) has some serious problems on windows.

Unity on windows can’t use any more than 2gb of ram on windows before it crashes(I haven’t seen any of them compiled to use 64 bit on windows.), I’ve had that problem with some other unity games on windows too.