Listening for mod event?

I assume this is entirely possible, however I was wondering how I would in fact go about listening for events regarding a forge mod,

I ask this as while (in bukkit’s sake anyway), you would simply use the external jar, allowing you to import methods of that plugin, somewhat like an API.

I’m just simply lost as to how you could listen to something your sponge plugin doesn’t actually know about.

Any help would be much appreciated!
(It’s also 2am, so excuse any poor grammar or rambling)

What you describe as ‘in Bukkit’s sake’ is not a matter of Bukkit and Sponge, it is a matter of Java and dependency management in general. Simply add the jar as a dependency for your plugin, and it will be added to the classpath. This is the same process that allows your isolated Java program to know about Sponge in the first place.

See for some reason I had a feeling that forge mods might not actually use events like bukkit, or at least not have something we can hook in to,

That’s what I mean when I say in bukkit’s sake, as for all I know Sponge may of had some form of method of registering an event listener for specific mods.

But thanks for clearing this up regardless! :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that Sponge does not necessarily use the same event system as Forge. You’ll need to have Forge as a dependency too, and use its specific event system.