Lockette (Sponge version)


We are using the farming valley mod pack on our server and there is a sign edit mod in it. If a player right clicks someone else’s lockette sign, it wont allow them edit the sign, but it will allow them to then access the chest and remove items. :frowning:


The mods that allow sign editing are… Quark (right clicking) & CyclicMagic (left clicking).


I started working on storing the access data inside NBTs instead of on the sign liones, but I don’t quite understand the DataQuery stuff yet.
(So I am working on a possible solution)


Ok, I think I got the locks to work (somehow) using NBT / the data API, but I can’t test it at the moment (Might get to test it later the week)
If you want you can download the new version (as kind of beta) from GitHub and tell me if it works.
Be warned though: existing locks will no longer work, also instead of writing names on the sign you now have a fancy book-menu to manage the locks (I hope that’s somewhat bug-free :upside_down_face:)


I get this error when starting the server… https://pastebin.com/imREQ273


I see you are using Forge 1.10?
This version is currently targeting 1.12, but I should be able to add 1.10 support.


1.10 Support would be awesome!


Please add support for version 1.10.2! This would be useful on pixelmon servers.


There is no lockette plugin for 1.12.2? i would very much enjoy seeing an update on the subject