LogIt Official Thread

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You may’ve already heard about that authentication plugin called LogIt. If you have, just know that it is official now that LogIt will be ported to Sponge.

If not, here’s a little bit about what it does.


LogIt is a complex and highly customizable plugin, which forces players to authenticate in order to play. If you know AuthMe or xAuth, LogIt is pretty much in the same category.

That’s pretty much about it. The feature list included here is not complete as only the most important and attractive features were listed :wink:

Some of the features worth mentioning

Development of both Bukkit and Sponge editions of LogIt will be from now divided into two separate bundles: LogIt Classic and LogIt Web, from which the former will be ported first and then, when LogIt Web gets stable enough for Bukkit, the latter will also be ported to Sponge.

LogIt Classic

  • Perfect choice for novice users and home servers.
  • Supports SQLite, MySQL, CSV (flat-file), PostgreSQL and – if appropriate libraries are installed in the classpath – H2.
  • Compatible with plain text passwords and the following hashing algorithms: MD2, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, Whirlpool and bcrypt.
  • Account database can easily be mirrored so that there’s always an up-to-date backup available.
  • And also:
  • password recovery through e-mail,
  • scheduled backups.

LogIt Web

  • Designed purely for integration with content management systems (forums, blogs, etc.)
  • Supports MyBB, phpBB, WordPress, SMF and MediaWiki (more coming soon)
  • Integration is based on Lua scripts, so anyone can provide their own integration script to support an unsupported system.
  • And most importantly, it is secure – LogIt Web does not allow registering, unregistering, changing password or e-mail address, etc. For now, the only thing that scripts can be made to do is checking password.


  • Waiting room and newbie teleport.
  • /remember command for automatic login.
  • Group switching with Vault.
  • Login sessions.
  • Global passwords generated for a limited time.

A more complete (but still not quite) list of features is available at the LogIt homepage on SpigotMC: http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/logit.603/


That’s saucy!

LogIt Classic (Bukkit)
LogIt Classic (Sponge)

LogIt Web (Bukkit)
LogIt Web (Sponge)

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So what does this do specifically?

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LogIt ≈ AuthMe. That type of thing.

P.S. I’ll add a simpler description so that everyone catches the idea.

The title makes me think that it was a logging plugin. :expressionless:

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