LONG GOOD letter to sponge team (but anyone can read)

note: this is both a letter of encouragement and one of a single, but critical, suggestion.

hello, I’m Kevin. and I’d like to share my thoughts on sponge.

I’ll start like this: on the behalf of all minecraft users, I want to say thank you. bukkit had kept minecraft alive and fun. with it gone (RIP) the community needs a new server software and plugin API, and you guys are doing just that. in my opinion, MICROSOFT needs to thank you, as minecraft wouldn’t survive without multiplayer. it’s great to see you, taking time to help the minecraft community. it’s great, so please, keep at it!

now for my suggestion, you are doing most things right. but there’s one thing I want to share, one thing that bukkit didn’t do very often, is this.

work with teams of other projects.

you’ve done this to an extent, but I think there needs to be more.

so what do I mean? I know you work loosely with the glowstone team, and with the minecraft forge team, too. but I think the three of you should actually collaborate on the three projects. like a sponge dev writing code for glowstone. you should remain separate projects with separate “products” (ie sponge has sponge API; minecraft forge has forge modded client software.) but you should make decisions together.

another thing, if you do implement it (no hard feelings if you don’t, this is only a suggestion.) DON’T limit it to just you three. you can start getting other projects to join as well. if you do, then eventually, there will be a wide network of projects helping each other out, and each of them will thrive. please consider this, as I think it will help In the long run.

if you like this idea, please tell me, I’d like to hear it! and you don’t have to be part of the team to respond, I want to hear from everyone! I also listen to constructive criticism.

for the team: if you ever need help whether its for this idea or really anything, just let me know, not a programmer, though i think like one, and hope to be one, one day…

thank you, will be coming back often!


Some of our members are avid contributors to forge and glowstone :slight_smile:
As for other implementations in the future we won’t be forbidding anyone else from using the API so we may see SpongeAPI on other platforms


well that was fast. thank you for listening, this is thje first time I’ve done something like this, so it means a lot. i also must emphasize the first paragraph. you guys are possibly some of the best people in minecraft community. thank you very much.

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Yeah @disconsented basically stalks the forums :stuck_out_tongue:


I definitely want to be able to see Sponge on almost every platform. Spigot, Forge, Glowstone, Mojang’s, TridentSDK, and GraniteMC to name a few.

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I would very much like to see a Trident Implementation one day. I believe that would be the ideal combination.

I too would definitely like to see collaboration between the projects that have taken bukkit’s place in the recent months, seeing as the number of projects has caused some amount of community fragmentation again I think this would be a good way for the community to reconnect with each other while still remaining independent of each others decisions. :slight_smile: