Looking Back

So I started writing Bukkit plugins early last year. I quit making plugins around this time last year and Minecraft all together mid-January though now I’ve decided I want to get back into it so I was looking back at some of the plugins I’ve done and realised how bad I was.

I’m trying to understand what each plugin does because I have quite a few private and development plugins that were never released so there’s no telling what they do. I never commented my code then either so there are just crazy amounts of stuff that confuse me.

I just remember my first plugins going up (Apr 3, 2013) and feeling good that they were done.

Does anyone here have good memories of looking back on old code or other memories? Share away!

What I think when looking at old code:


Oh crap. What a bad coding style and formatting. Let’s run the auto-formatter to make this readable.


Wow, this crap really works?


Wait, this was actually released, has no known bugs and works as expected. My new plugins are full of bugs, were never released, and they are overcomplicated.


As a professional programmer for many years I have similar thoughts frequently (although the ‘no known bugs’ part can be due to the quality assurance group not being on the ball)…

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You know, half of the time I write anything, It’s a rapid deployment for a one-off use, that I don’t ever expect to have to fix, or re-use.
This incidentally means that I don’t have any useful habits for commenting, and in the odd occasions that I have needed to revisit functions or applications, I often have a hell of a time trying to figure out what I was even doing in most of it.

I’ve been actively working on that, and more recent code is definitely easier to read, but I’m very familiar with that state of “WTF was I thinking?!?”