Looking for a 1.12 Plugin

I’m looking for a plugin,
What the plugins needs to do is:
That i can create path’s for a Invisible armorstand where i can put items on.
That i can change the speeds of the path that the armorstand needs to follow, And that the head of the armorstand can change direction.

I hope somebody can help me with this problem.
If anybody is interested in helping me, my skype is: AncientPixel

So you’re looking for an animation plugin?

Yea, you could say that.

This sounds somewhat cool, but I have a few questions.

Would it loop?

Would it be command triggered?

What is the end goal that you want to achieve, speak from a players point of view, e.g.

"Player logs into the spawn town, and clicks a link in the welcome message, They get the message “follow the floating head to find the shops”, a head appears, and following it will lead them to the shops.

Maybe you could it loop, if it’s needed
For me it needs to be triggerable.
My goal of this plugin if somebody would make it is actually for:

  • Attractions (Made 3d models in resourcepack, so with a minecart won’t work)
  • Animations (moving blocks in the air that can change direction)
  • And on your point ‘‘ryantheleach’’ (Not for me, but i think it’s working too on the way you want it)

Is there a plugin (sponge/bukkit/spigot/etc…) that does this already, or is this a completely new concept?

Setting up a keyframe system for armor stands would be rather interesting, and could prove kind of useful for fancy tutorials.

Yeah, I’ve explored the concept for a small time about 10 months back, would be cool to be able to export animations from blender straight into a format that the plugin accepts, would make making custom pet entities really easy.

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