Looking for a Devloper for a community

Hello everyone!

You may or may not have heard about a community called The 3 Worlds, well now you know:p

I own it and I will be looking for some costum made plugins (of course im not requesting a free one, I will pay if the price is right)

I will be starting off with a few Survival based plugins, and when the time is right il be going for minigames (the wallz, vampires, arcade party, hide’n’seek etc), and in the end I will be needing tons of plugin for a planned RPG server.

If you know any good devlopers you would recommend for me, leave them in the comment below, or contact me on Skype: Smashy44 (goes under Lynet ArchAngel).

Thnx for reading!

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Only because you are going to require many plugins, may I kindly suggest you take some time and learn java. Learning is free, and once you have learned you can help teach some of your servers moderators or even patrons, and lead your server’s very own code dev team.

I would love to but im not that kind of a person who learns to quickly:p

You shouldn’t be in a rush. You’ll end up with a better result if you take your time, not to mention you understand what you want better than anyone else.

Why don’t you set something up like the Sponge Powered issue tracker but for plugin requests. That way any developer can work on your plugins instead of locking in a developer to do all your plugins. This approach would also make some more developers interested in working with you.