Looking for a plugin similar to towny (not nations)

I do not like nations all that much just due to the fact that its over complicated. Especially for people who aren’t used to plugin commands and how they work. Long story short, I’ve seen some sponge servers running some similar plugin that looks like towny. Can I get help finding it.

Not sure

Polis is dead. I added a GriefPrevention migrator if you are switching from that. The closest you are going to get to towny is GriefPrevention with MCClans.

That’s going to be somewhat difficult if you plan to run a server. Commands (and maybe sign placement) represent the only possible free-form dynamic input for plugins.

Shouldnt this topic be moved to like requests or something…? Its not a plugin release. @blood

I’ve moved it to Plugin Requests

I’m looking as well. Hope something comes around!