Looking for a Teamate to Work on my server with me

Hey im writing this because im looking for someone experienced with SpongePEX the new PermissionsEX port for sponge

If you interested in helping me to set up PEX on my server then please do not hesitate to PM me for more details!

Thank you for reading :smiley:

has never heard of SpongePex

Do you mean this?

Yep PermissionsEX sponge dev is exactly what i’m talkin about, soo are you interested in teaming up with me? im literally a 100% solo project as of right now

I knew the old PermissionsEx stuff but I think it’s changed. Sorry!

It has changed, and no worries,

And the search continues :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone out there looking to team up and make a pixelmon server?

Sorry for the late reply because i never look trough this section of the forums but ill be glad to help. I own a pixelmon server too also running sponge.

Excellent, ill contact you immediately