Looking For Backpack Plugin

Title pretty straight forward. Looking for a backpack plugin. I tried ‘VirtualTool’ but it’s old and buggy :frowning:

havent had a single issue with VirtualTool
How is it buggy?

BackPacks are automatically locking, I gave players access to unlock them.
This works fine other then after one use they re-lock and they have to unlock them again.

Have you tried talking to the VirtualTool developer about it? Fixing a bug in a plugin is far easier than creating a whole new plugin.

They haven’t updated it since March of 2018, I assumed it was somewhat abandoned or at least not their priority.

I’ll report it to them and see what happens.

There is also this i found by doing a quick search on Ore. While it hasn’t updated in over a year, it could be because it still works on the latest.