Looking for some plugin Substitutes!


What are some good plugins/mods like GriefPrevention/Towny that can block mods from doing stuff in SpongeForge?
Also, what are some good WorldGuard alternatives that do the same?

I also need to find a decent logging/rollback plugin, since CoreProtect doesn’t seem to be Sponge friendly yet. Any particularly good ones?

Lastly, our server economy has a virtual currency, but it can be withdrawn and turned into a physical item(From a server specific mod we built), and vice versa. Is there a economy plugin where you can do something like /withdraw to have it spit out a custom configured item and then a command to do the reverse?

Thanks for the help in advance!

EDIT: I also need a world border plugin where if a world doesn’t have a specific border, it will have a default border set in the config. That way you only need to set up worlds that have a border bigger/smaller than the default, and the rest will automatically assume they should be the default size.


There’s a few world protection solutions. FoxGuard is good for admin protection and GriefPrevention is good for player-defined protection. You can install both at once if you want both things.
Minecraft actually comes with its own world border - you use the /worldborder command to configure it.
I don’t know of any voucher plugin like that. However, I have made a plugin called Pieconomy which implements a fully item-backed economy. That’s not 1:1 to what you’re looking for, but it’s something.


My plugin CoinPurse allows to you convert currency to a physical item and back, it currently doesn’t allow to specify a specific item though so it might not be exactly what you want either.


I saw that and thought about seeing if it could use a custom item. Might be a good interim measure at least. I was also thinking I might just set up a couple of signs to buy/sell the item for a fixed amount, since that would almost be the same. They’d just need to hit up spawn as an extra step. Not ideal, but better than nothing.