Looking to hire dev, small IC2 or Builcraft addon (Paydirt Washplant)


I am looking for someone with a little bit more free time than I to write a small IC2 or Buildcraft addon.

Machine Name: Paydirt Washplant

Machine Function: Will wash either dirt, cobblestone or gravel and produce gold nugets.

Machine Specifics: Must require: Power, and Water Supply, (both of which must be configurable via config file). Must also have the ability to configure output chances of gold nuggets based on ore conversion. Example: 5% chance of getting gold nugget out of a single cobblestone, but gravel may have a 7% chance. i

Machine Layout: Top of machine accepts water input via pipe. Left side of machine accepts ore via pipe. Energy Standard can be EU or RF accepted at the back of the machine or underside. Right side of machine would be the output pipe.

Compatibility: Latest version of IC2 or Buildcraft (1.7.10)

Background: Will be put onto a server running custom build of Cauldron with Mixin technology available within the core.

Note: this is a for-hire request. I am willing to compensate for your good quality work. Please PM me on IRC (see below) for more details.

Care to help a guy out who doesn’t have time to learn the Buildcraft / IC2 API? I’m on the following Espernet IRC Channels: #sponge, #spongedev #almura

Thank you for your time.

I’lll take it up. I happen to have alot of spare time.

Edit: Buildcraft is based on redstone flux now so it is thermal foundation if you go the RF route.

Still working on it, but I’ve got a mod coming up the pipeline called ‘OreVeins’ which will feature geology-based ore blocks and distribution. Once I get things fleshed out more perhaps we should talk about cross-compatibility?

Eh maybe. Need to get the actual mod completed as per Dockter’s OP first thou. ^^

Still looking for someone. The position is open until I see a repo on Github opened.


https://github.com/Waterpicker/Paydirt-Washingplant There we go. :smiley:

This project has been completed and developer has been paid. Thank you for your time Waterpicker.

Payment confirmed. ^^