Makes Sponge still sense?

Now it is official. Microsoft buyed Mojang for 2.5 Billion USD. Source (German): - Based on Reuters Newsletter

Is it still reasonable to work on Sponge or any other Software related to Minecraft?
What do you think?


That’s not official! It’s a rumor and we won’t know anything until it’s confirmed or denied by Microsoft or Mojang.

For sure? Based on the link I posted from PlayNation (Big games magazine in Germany) it is now “official” an will be announced next Monday.


Not going to happen. Even if it will, Mojang would’ve said something about it officially.

This is not true.
It would be all over Twitter if it was.

It’s not official until Microsoft/Mojang say something. Until then, it’s rumor.

But what, if Microsoft buyed Mojang. What will we do?


It hasn’t, so just wait.

If it does, we continue development until Microsoft tells us to stop development or they will sue us. If they do, we create our own game. Probably not going to happen since Microsoft has 2 million more important issues on their hands.

It’s not really official, but I’m 99% certain that the deal will happen.

However I would say that it is to early to ask if something like Sponge is still relevant, because even if MS bought Mojang we don’t know what they will do with it, maybe the endorse the whole community movement, maybe they will do a “real” API, which in my eyes could lead to better and bigger plugins and mods. Or they will just close it down and let it die, which would be stupid because then they had ruined there investment, on the other hand ist still MS :smile:

We just have to wait and see, as sad and uncomfortable as it is.

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I would imagine Sponge will go forward until things changes that put a damper on things. No sense worrying until such things come to pass. We can spend a lot of time second guessing what Microsoft’s intentions are. Having been in the Windows ecosystem since the early days of Microsoft you can drive yourself crazy doing this. :slight_smile:

More like the news.

In my opinion, Microsoft will kill the entire modding scene of Minecraft and probably Minecraft itself too.
Why? Because Microsoft is straight commercial and I don’t know about any MS product you can develop mods for. Or anyone knows something? ^^


If this does happen we will be able to send crash reports that for sure won’t get looked at. Also we can be expecting Minecraft 2 - more texture updates, better optimisation, more mobs and such. If you have Minecraft already it’ll be 85% of the original price and every patch will be 60% off. Did I mention you need to pay to update the game?

Sponge needs to continue development even in the case of an acquisition by Microsoft. Personally, I think that if Microsoft buys Mojang then they will work on development but leave the community basically alone, they have more things to worry about. Until they come busting down the door to sue this project needs to continue for the sake of Minecraft modding.

And thats the point: They leave the community alone. So we have to reverse their code to continue working on plugins but that is no more legal, so MS would stop the modders, including Sponge, I think.


I see that, that does seem rather unavoidable if Microsoft does buy Mojang. Hey, there is the small chance they will support the modding community, infinitesimally small though. I hope something gets figured out, I like working with and developing for MC, it would be a shame if everyone had to stop.

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I try to be confident, but it’s still not possible. Thanks for Link @boformer!
Microsoft see only the profit, but not the community.

Only for the money? Thanks a lot. :frowning:


MICROSOFT HAS NOT BOUGHT MOJANG!!! ENOUGH WITH THE RUMORS. It may buy it, but as of now, it has not.

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@Morph I see your concern, but still minecraft is what it is solely due to its community and so I hope that even Microsoft is not blind enough to overlook that.
So keep the keep the spirits lifted.

By the way the article from Reuters @boformer is very interesting, but i still cant see how that would help Windows Phone, on the other hand they would profit from people buying it on other platforms