Making a few Avatars

Comment with:

Favourite colour
Preferred thing, Hopefully a noun.

Don’t expect it done nicely, just bored.

Favcolor: blue
Favthing: Red from transistor/ Transistor(game).

Blue, RedStone

Have fun m8

Grey; wolves

(evading post-limit)

@hansolo669 Yeah, google “blue redstone ore” rofl.

@Adondriel Mind sending me a picture? No idea who that is.

Actually, that’s Nikolite Ore from RedPower. =P

@Aesen as a player of the modpacks, it looks generally the same to me. You


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Actually, they aren’t the same. Nikolite has a unique ore pattern. It’s just hard to make an ore look unique with so few pixels =P

Awesome, thx.

(evading post limit)

Red, Dragon

Hope you’ll be able to put something nice together.


I doub that this offer still stands… Erotic hasn’t been here in months.

Oh well, this topic showed up in the “new” tab for some reason so I didn’t care to check the date. Thank you for telling me, I guess I’ll have to find someone else to make that avatar for me as my graphic skills are at the very bottom :stuck_out_tongue: