- A collection of Minecraft related apis

Hi, I’m new to sponge (well, I don’t post much)
But I thought I would share my project with you:
MC-API is a collection of Minecraft related apis including:

  • Server Info
  • Server favicon
  • Server blacklist check

All of free to use and are fast!
There are two mirrors:
EU and US
You can find more info about the mirrors including host and cities they are located within here

You can also contribute to the documentation and general design at

Links you need: ( :uk: ) ( :flag_us: )

All responses are cached for a short period of time.

Thanks for reading! :wink:


Very nice! I can see this possibly being useful down the road. :wink:

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For the UUID advanced lookup, and the “You can request upto 15 uuids at a time.” part, what causes it to be limited to 15? To prevent stress, limits by Mojang’s API, or just to keep the request URL short? As far as I recall, Mojang’s API allows 100 names per request.

Also, will you accept requests via POST data if not already?

It runs using my webserver which doesn’t yet support POST, it is something I am looking into however. (Accepting pull requests)

As for the limit, I wasn’t really sure what a good limit would be. I will most likely increase it to something like 25 or 50, but in the meantime you could do more than one query. Also I think having a massive URI won’t work because of client-side limitations (which is why I need to get POST working)
Generally speaking, longer the query the longer it will take to respond, especially if the uuid is not in the database (and at mojang).

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Your webserver? You have a custom one going?

EDIT: kk. I’m just being dumb xD

Added username history and account migration status
Documentation at: