MCBanners - Generate Custom Banners!

What is it?
MCBanners is a new project that has just entered its beta phase and is geared towards Minecraft Server Owners & Plugin Developers, but we hope to reach out to more of the community soon!

Developers, have you ever been browsing around on the forums and run across users with cool forum signatures that show off their resources? This is a great strategy done by users in order to gain more attention to their projects, simply by just staying active on the forums.

This is what MCBanners is here to help you with. When you utilize MCBanners, you get access to a creative studio that allows you to get all the information about your resources on SpongePowered, and then turn them into creatively designed banners! These can be put anywhere you want: forum signatures, websites, etc… if it can fit an image, then MCBanners is what you need!

Server Owners, this goes for you too! Have you seen people on the forums or just, in general, have a nice simplistic banner for their server? We got you covered too! You will also gain access to a creative studio where you can modify essentially everything about your banner.

Other Information
Please keep in mind that we are just entering our beta phase, and we are looking for helpful feedback to make this project more useful for others in the community.

While not needed, we are encouraging users to register an account with us. The reason we are encouraging this is that banners you create while not signed in will not be editable after you finish. Being signed in allows us to generate a hash on the banner assigning it to you which allows you to go to your dashboard and edit it at any time!

Did I mention this is 100% free?

Known Issues

  1. Mobile layout is having slight issues in the creative studio
  2. Server MOTDs are not showing up correctly (we are working on fixing this ASAP)
  3. If you choose to register an account, remember your password, as we haven’t implemented a reset function yet!

Future Plans

  1. Convert the system over to process via SVG backgrounds (this will allow us to implement our next feature which is picking any color you want for a background)!
  2. Continue adding support for more platforms!
  3. Finish our website! It’s a W.I.P


Video Demo


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Well, I have never seen signatures on this forum at all and it seems there actually are none. I think that most discussions also happen on discord.

With that in mind I’d probably prefer a discord bot that creates embeds for plugins and/or servers.

Other than that it looks good :slightly_smiling_face: