McMyadmin Support?

Sooo i was woundering if they were planning on adding sponge to the mcmyadmin api list?

Ask them (McMyAdmin), the sponge team have nothing to do with that.


If Sponge can just behave like Bukkit, McMyAdmin do not even have to specifically to work out how they can support a new brand.

This is not sponges responsibility. That is theirs. Although I am not against the thought at all. After all at some point I used mcMyAdmin

Moved to General Discussion. But yeah, if you were actually interested, I would suggest contacting the McMyAdmin devs. But in any case, I’m pretty sure they will be supporting it. And I don’t know why their panel shouldn’t just outright support running a jar file…

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If Sponge changes the console output in any way compared to vanilla/CB then MCMA needs specific support for it so that it can recognise the messages and make sense of them.

The only real requirement on the Sponge side is to not ‘omit’ messages that you’d normally see. Some mods omit the ‘UUID’ line that you see when a user logs in which would stop MCMA from working.

We do plan to support Sponge, but it’ll be part of MCMA3 rather than 2.

If in the current state of Sponge however the console messages are identical, then just renaming the .jar and starting MCMA as normal should work just fine.

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