Microsoft's Project Spartan is now known as Microsoft's Edge Browser

Title seems to be misleading, according to article, spartan was renamed to edge, and is not a different project at all.

Cleared the title up a bit.

What does that logo remind you of?

Reminds me of how dumb microsoft is

What logo? Windows 10 logo?

The browser’s logo looks like IE’s e

I’ll take your word for it. I can’t see a logo.

I’m going to setup a windows dual boot tonight with my windows 10 so I’ll get to give it a shot. :slight_smile:

many different. such original. wow.

I think someone at microsoft just went over that with the eraser tool and the fill bucket. :stuck_out_tongue:



This thread is for Microsoft’s new browser, not Chrome…


Yeah i know, im sayin On the topic of browsers…chrome isnt too good either…so quit bashing new things!!!

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I don’t think that their are “good” browsers. Chrome is like the biggest spyware shit you could imagine and I don’t think edge will be something different.
With firefox you have a choice, but even firefox wants to store your passwords/history in a database xD. At least you can make your own “sync” server but thats it.

Ironically I am also using chrome ;-;. HTLM5 I need it lol.

Everyone has their faults, but I really don’t see myself switching over to edge anytime soon. I would rather keep my nice little comfortable google chrome profile on my laptop and firefox profile on my gaming PC that I have come so accustomed to within the past year or so. Not really looking for a change and I have a feeling many people are going to be the same way.

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Well, After spending too damn long trying to get Arch and Windows 10 to dual boot, I gave up and now I’m just running windows 10.

Anyway, If anyone is interested, Edge is actually pretty cool, When Lastpass and a few more plugins get ported, I think I might start using it.