Minecraft for PC to hit 20 million copies in 3 months

Also, Minecraft (across all versions) has sold over 64 million copies total. That puts it at the 3rd most bought game in the world. Ever.

How many copies for pc were there when you bought it? Me: ~3,600,000

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I have no clue how many it was, I just know it was after 1.3.2 tho so any idea where that puts me at? xDD


I don’t know. June 23, 2011 was when I spent the best $27 of my LIFE.


so around 13.8 million

16.08.2011 - I would say about 3 million:


@The_Doctors_Life newbie :stuck_out_tongue:
@BitByte check your emails, search for “Minecraft purchase”

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I played cracked since 1.5, I only bought it then.

There are so many guys playing cracked PC versions that this 20 mio are far away from reality. For real, Minecraft IS the most succesful game, not just number 3 :slight_smile:

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I bought it in April 2011. That should have been 1.6 beta iirc.
(holy mother of god was that a looong time ago :open_mouth: )

Ermahgawd I was one of the first 5m people to buy Minecraft!

@The_Doctors_Life NEWB LOL

Assuming the graph is accurate, I was one of the first 250,000 - 500,000 people to buy Minecraft.

@ButterDev NEWB LOL

EDIT: This estimate has changed a few times. ;D

I bought MC in January 2011, so according to that graph somewhere between 500’000 and 1 mill :smile:

Incidentally, I also bought MCPE less than a month after launch, so somewhere between 100’000 and 300’000 there :L

Oh, God. I can feel the “buy-date” elitism coming from here…

EDIT: Via the wiki’s Version History, I bought the game between Alpha 1.2.5 and Alpha 1.2.6. Alpha 1.2.6 was released the same day I purchased the game.

EDIT 2: Funnily enough, that was the last Beta version. I had been playing a cracked version for a few months prier. Somewhere around March-December. Then, Notch made an announcement that, after Beta was released, the price would be doubled (to the $27 some-odd dollars that it is, now). So I bought the game that day, for ~$13.

EDIT 3: Actually, scratch that. He had announced that quite a while previously. I remember it being said that Beta would be released on December 3rd, and I gathered up the money (I was 16, at the time) that I could and bought it. I was worried I would be too late. However, in classic Notch style, Beta wasn’t even released until later that month, on the 20th.


*old man voice*
Now hold up a bit there, young whippersnapper! Back in my day, we didn’t even have beds! We had to make our redstone repeaters and extenders with wire and torches. There was none of that “piston” and “redstone block” stuff then, oh no sir. How the times have changed.


We don’t talk about the days before repeaters, here.


I bought it when there was around 7 million players then I think.

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You call me a newb, yet I have a very active github, and irc life. Nothing I do online now started before mc, I have learned debain linux, run my own bouncer, and enjoy using my VPS with a socks ssh proxy.(All of these started after I started paying Minecraft, I picked a TON of stuff up after I got older (BTW, running and maintaining an actual balanced mod, with 1 copper/tin ore and not 5000000 versions of each ingot/ore added in by a mod))

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You realize he was joking, right?


nope :wink: <lol newb

I bought the game right before THE Halloween update; so October 20th, 2010 or so.