Minecraft for PC to hit 20 million copies in 3 months

Nether Update OP

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I’ve player Minecraft for about three years so…
I’m not the best person alive, I know :confused:

Oh and btw, Outubro means October :slight_smile:

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Before the nether update.

Thanks, version history! I bought Minecraft at 1.6.6 Beta.

God, I hated it.

I went on a few months later, and I’m, oh my god, this is amazing.

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Seems 100% legit.


you edited the source, nice try though @TBotV63 at least I was honest.

I think anybody with eyes in their head could see that. Also, I was joking :stuck_out_tongue:. It’s not supposed to be taken serious :wink:


You should have set it to 1 April, 1999.


Hmm that was a while ago…

3.5-4 million roughly. Good times.

i bought the game

i started playing minecraft march 10 2014

Ah, I recall that I purchased the game and started playing just after the Halloween update, I lingered a bit before joining the MCF.
I still have sharp memories of the fuirst few servers I played on, Health wasn’t yet implemented on “SMP” as we called it back then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and due to lag, monsters were simply terrifying.

And then there’s the “classic” (as creative was renamed after that became a gamemode) servers I played on, like “The Sponge is a lie, it’s cheese”

Alpha, just days before the halloween update with nether was released, so…?2mill?