Minecraft more of a game for 10 year olds now?

In the past 5 years it’s apparent that the original audience of 20 year olds has disappeared from Minecraft and now the majority of players are extremely immature and in the age range of 10-12. I’ve seen a lot of 8 year olds on servers as well, and this is part of the reason that I don’t play the game except on a true anarchy server with friends. I guess I see no fun in what I used to find fun since the players are either younger than me or they are server administrators that treat players like preschool students.


Do you guys agree that the game is for younger people ^ children now?

I don’t feel that the game is more for young children now, sure the amount of young players has risen quite a bit, but you will get that with a good portion of fan bases. There are still older people out there that play the game it’s just harder to find them as the number of users grow.


Im 22, I think the reason you don’t see 20-30 year olds on servers is because we mostly play modpacks and adventure maps with other 20-30 year olds. XD


I think that’s what I was meaning to say. Spot on.

I’m 14, I develop, I can’t say I am completely mature, But I’m better then a lot of the kids in my high school. Because Of my developing I don’t normally play on servers anymore, I do whatever custom plugin is wanted of me, then move on. I play more custom mod packs then anything.


Agreed. It has been almost 2 years since I last played on a public server or without any mods. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m 29. I host my own server and play with friends my age. We did that because we were new to the game and wanted to experience vanilla smp and most servers were full of griefers or deviated too much from the original game.

Mature 12yo are uncommon but idiots over 20 are everywhere, so playing with 20 yo players will not guarantee a more enjoyable experience.

I feel like the older Minecrafters either stick together, or they are hidden in their basements developing stuff. I haven’t really played on a server for months, but I’m constantly working on Minecraft-related things. The younger kids play on the big servers like Mineplex, and the older folks develop servers like Mineplex. It’s kinda cool actually. It’d be interesting to create a timeline of somebody’s “Minecraft Life” who started in Alpha/Beta and has become a big-time developer xD

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The older audience bands together. The young ones drift bindly; they sit lodged in the anonymity of the server and its chat, clueless of what the older folks are doing around them. However, the adults and older teenagers can pick each other out, and tend to do their own thing. For example, me and almost every older person on the server I play are in a Skype group together. No little kids, just adults/older teenagers. I think 17+ is a good estimate (I don’t know any exact numbers).

In my day … I’m 45. That may seem a tad old for a MC player, but I run a server for my own amusement and have done so since mid 2011. It’s public, and I’ve had players from as young as 8 join and enjoy themselves. Many have drifted away in the years since, but I keep it going because I think it’s still fun.

True, in the “old days” there were quite a few mature players, as the bugginess of early MC discouraged all but the most persistent. Since it became more commercial, a great many younger players have had the chance to play. I have to say, since the peak of griefer teams in ca. 2011-2012, new players have been far less of a hassle. They either figure things out, and make a few friends, or they leave. The ones who stay around tend to be older players, with attachments to their builds and the world in general.

To be honest, your age is irrelevant if you have manners. I have had moderators of age 14 who have had more sense and decency than folk twice their age. It’s more about the way you regard others, and the kind of fun that Minecraft delivers. For some, it’s all about trolling. For others, there are infinite possibilities.

I’ve run heavily modded Forge servers, Bukkit servers, Spoutcraft, Spout, Canarymod, Rainbow, and Vanilla. It’s all fun. I’ll keep doing so until I get bored, which may take a very, very long time. Minecraft has something that no other game really has: a sense of persistence, being part of the world (and it’s community). A place to go when the rest of the world just sucks. A place to meet friends and work on things together. May it keep expanding horizons for as long as reality allows. New players will keep coming until something better fills the gap, and that’s no time soon.


I think it’s a perfect game for younger children. And most of the older children/adults I know lost their interest in Minecraft.
I’m 19, and although I love the game concept, I only play it a few times in month.

I find this game suits young and old but the amount of younger players are increasing whilst the older ones aren’t. I think most people don’t notice the older people because they stick to strict groups of people while the younger ones jump all over the place. Also the older ones tend search for new things in minecraft like mob traps or develop plugins. The younger generation just play minecraft without over thinking it and therefore play a lot more on public servers.


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I believe that younger players can play Minecraft by themselves, but they shouldn’t play on servers, as they may somehow ruin the experience for others.

You shouldn’t base it on age; it should be based maturity.

True. I’m so mature you won’t believe what is my age. :wink:

I definitly see where you’re coming from.
Even though a vast majority of the “mature” auience is gone, I find most of my fun in running Minecraft servers than actually playing on them. I love to start with nothing, and build it up. Most of my actual play is with my siblings on a LAN game.

The server I play on has a lot of kids on it, but the sort of “mainstream” crowd, the people who are there consistently (and the ones I converse with) are from ages 16 to 60. The server is socially split between the kids and the older people, but I like it that way.