MIT and M$ forking your work


this is my first post and pardon if it might sound as a flame but is not, since MIT permits it, what will you do if and when microsoft will fork your work, sell it in a “minecraft realm with plugins” fashion and forbid hosting services not generating from microsoft cloud (if it ever happens)?

Thank you for answers.

In my opinion, even if Sponge were to be forked by Microsoft (which I find unlikely in my opinion) I highly doubt they would do anything to prevent the online server community from functioning as it currently does. Doing so would severely damage Minecraft’s image and be a deterrent to new and existing players.

Indeed Microsoft will undoubtedly attempt something to recoup their $2.5Billion investment, but they’ve acknowledged that they don’t want to do anything that would damage the Minecraft community. They’ve recently announced custom skin models on the Xbox version of Minecraft which they will be charging for and I would assume something similar in terms of its effect on the community would be implemented for the PC and other versions, possibly.

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Everyone keeps saying that MS will attempt to regain their $2.5Billion, but I doubt they’ll need to do much. If this guy’s calculations are accurate at all, they’ll definitely be able to make it back in a bit over a year. Although I’m aware those digits may have changed in the past 2 years, I still think the profit from Minecraft alone will consolidate that debt that Microsoft probably isn’t even worried about soon enough.

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And I’m not sure if Microsoft can do that legally. Despite the MIT license being very permissive, it’s still a license, and it belongs to Sponge or the head devs. Forking it, modifying it, re-using it seems fine, but if they attempt to shut down the Sponge project via a modified version of itself, seems it’d be a legal issue. As well as what @thtredstonegui said about MS not wanting to ruin their image. I’ve even heard mentioning of their PR having some new heads that are wanting to alter they way they do things, although I’ve no clue for sure. All in all, I think Sponge is fairly safe.