MMCPrefix - A simple and easy to use custom prefix manager


Can someone please show me an example file with prefixes? Since I can not add prefixes!

list {
    content {
        "1" {
            # Permission node for use with: mmcprefix.list.#### 
            # This can be replaced with "" to allow use without a permission.
            # Prefix to be displayed (This is formatted differently from the default format node)
            prefix="[&6Default&f] "
        "2" {
            prefix="[&7Iron&f] "
    # How long should a person have to wait before selecting another prefix? (in minutes) (Set to 0 to disable)
    # Text to be shown at the top of the list
    header="&3Click on the prefix you would like to use."
    # Text to be shown while hovering over each prefix. 
    # {prefix} - will replace with the prefix defined from the list. 
    # {playername} - Will replace with the player's name
    hover="Set your current prefix to: {prefix}{playername}"
    # Title to be shown during /prefixlist
    title="Prefix List"

This is a basic usage of it.

Bare in mind that the plugin is built to add any prefix that is set through the permission meta info, so it will be handled entirely by plugins like LuckPerms