MMO for programmers! Script your army!

Found this neat thing while surfing the internets:

You can also program the scripts in almost any language. The MMO itself launches on Aug 12, but you can play the simulation for now.



Definetely going to mess around with this a lot. 3 days until release as well.

EDIT: What does this mean? < creep.carryCapacity

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D: Gw 2 is so boring compared to this.

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Its checking if the amount of energy the creep is carrying is more than the max amount they can carry.

EDIT: What does this mean?



What happens if you don’t do that?

That’s for you to find out :wink:

The concept is that the script runs constantly. Imagine that it’s a Java Runnable, constantly being run.

Without the check, the worker can’t know that it’s full of energy. Meaning it’ll just keep attempting to harvest something that it can’t hold. The check essentially says, “If I’m holding too much, take my shit back to base”.

By the way, holy shit this is fun.


I tried creating an account but it didn’t go very well. I think it has to do with my password which is similar (in structure) to this one for example:


releases on the first day of school.

Why do you have to kill my productivity ;-;

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I really like this game. I have streamed it yesterday on

It’s too bad it’s not F2P (yet, I mean that Twitter thing isn’t working yet). Looks like fun.