Mob drops not working?

Hello, I’m Abelatox and I have a problem, I want to host a Kingdom Keys server with Sponge so it can have some plugins, The thing is that mobs do not drop the mod loot.
Any help?

I’m using forge 1.10.2 -
Sponge: 1.10.2 - 5.0.0-BETA-1707

There’s another number in the Sponge jar filename that makes a difference - the Forge build number. And 1707 is for forge 2073, not 2077.

Now I use:

Hello? Any idea?

Why would that make a difference? Aren’t Sponge builds based on the convention ‘recommended+’ idea? I have never had an issue where the problem was a too new Forge.

I’d suggest getting logs, files, version names and making an issue here, after testing the latest versions of SpongeForge first.