Mod commands permissions

I don’t have time to look through the API or SpongeForge code so I’m asking here

How do/will permissions for mod commands work on a sponge server? Are they the same as when we used MCPC+/Cauldron and be the package name with the class name suffixed? Or will we have a different format? Will this even be something sponge does or part of a permission plugin?

The reason I’m asking is that a server owner asked if Pixelmon permissions for 1.8 were the same and I couldn’t give an accurate answer. Along with that I’m not sure if this is in the right place, I’m mostly forum lurker so that I can gather as much useful information as possible and use it to help others elsewhere

This might help you.

This also covered permissions:

Look a bit further down.

After a quick read I didn’t see anything about mod permissions, that’s just a discussion about how permissions currently work

EDIT: I’m an idiot.
Perms work by soft-depending on sponge. Then you can check for permissions.